Франция - Про А 04/02 15:00 27 Асвел Лион-Вильорбан vs Роаен - View
Франция - Про А 04/04 18:00 21 Льо Ман vs Асвел Лион-Вильорбан - View
Евролига 04/06 19:00 33 Баскония vs Асвел Лион-Вильорбан - View
Франция - Про А 04/09 15:00 28 Гравелинес vs Асвел Лион-Вильорбан - View
Евролига 04/13 17:00 34 Алба Берлин vs Асвел Лион-Вильорбан - View
Франция - Про А 04/16 15:00 29 Асвел Лион-Вильорбан vs Ле Портел - View


Евролига 03/31 19:00 32 [18] Асвел Лион-Вильорбан v Цървена Звезда [11] L 60-76
Евролига 03/29 18:00 31 [1] Олимпиакос v Асвел Лион-Вильорбан [18] L 81-55
Франция - Про А 03/25 19:00 25 [14] Фос-су-Мер v Асвел Лион-Вильорбан [4] W 74-80
Евролига 03/23 19:00 30 [18] Асвел Лион-Вильорбан v Макаби Тел Авив [6] L 67-85
Купа на Франция 03/19 16:30 2 Асвел Лион-Вильорбан v Страсбург W 85-69
Купа на Франция 03/18 19:30 3 Асвел Лион-Вильорбан v Шоле W 85-79
Евролига 03/16 20:00 29 [17] Асвел Лион-Вильорбан v Панатинайкос [16] L 82-86
Франция - Про А 03/14 19:00 24 [6] Асвел Лион-Вильорбан v Булон-Левалоа [2] W 86-69
Франция - Про А 03/12 16:00 23 [14] Нантер v Асвел Лион-Вильорбан [6] W 61-82
Евролига 03/09 18:00 28 [9] Жалгирис v Асвел Лион-Вильорбан [17] L 85-67
Евролига 03/07 20:00 27 [15] Байерн Мюнхен v Асвел Лион-Вильорбан [17] L 76-72
Франция - Про А 03/05 18:00 22 [6] Асвел Лион-Вильорбан v Страсбург [10] W 78-72

Wikipedia - ASVEL Basket

ASVEL Basket, commonly known as ASVEL or sometimes as ASVEL Lyon-Villeurbanne, and also known as LDLC ASVEL for sponsorship reasons, is a French professional basketball team that is located in the city of Villeurbanne, which is a suburb of Lyon, France. The club, which is the basketball section of the ASVEL multi-sports club, competes in the top-tier level French Pro A League. The club's home games are played at L'Astroballe, which seats 5,556 people.

Founded in 1948, the team is the most successful in French basketball with 21 Pro A championships and 10 French Cup titles.

In 2014, Tony Parker became the president of the club. In 2017, Nicolas Batum became the club's director of basketball operations. In June 2019, football club Olympique Lyonnais purchased a 25% stake in the ASVEL men's team, plus a 10% stake in the ASVEL women's team, in a deal worth around €3.7 million. The deal also included a plan for a new EuroLeague-standard arena.


The parent club was founded in 1948, with the merger of two multi-sport clubs in Lyon and vicinity; ASVEL is an acronym combining the names of the predecessor clubs—Association Sportive Villeurbanne and . In its history, ASVEL has won 20 French Pro A League championships, 10 French Cups, two French Supercups, one French Federation Cup, and one Semaine des As Cup (French Pro A Leaders Cup), which makes it the most titled basketball club in France.

In 2014, former San Antonio Spurs star and French national team player, Tony Parker, became the club's president.

In the French Pro A League 2015–16 season, ASVEL won its 18th French League title, after beating Strasbourg IG 3 games to 2 in the French Pro A League Finals. ASVEL was down 2–0 in the series, but won three games in a row to take the championship.

In March 2017, NBA player, Nicolas Batum, became a shareholder in Infinity Nine Sports, the main investment company behind the club, and took over the position as director of basketball operations. Tony Parker remained majority owner, and ASVEL President. In 2018, the club signed a 10-year name sponsorship agreement with LDLC. The club also changed its main team colors from the original white and green to white and black, and changed its main logo design.

In 2019, ASVEL returned to the EuroLeague after the organisation decided to give the team a wild card for two years.

In the 2021–22 season, ASVEL won its third Pro A championship in a row, its first three-peat in 32 years after beating Monaco in the Finals.