Гватемала - Примера Дивисион 03/18 21:00 - Депортиво Санарате ФК v Депортиво Сакачиспас D 1-1
Гватемала - Примера Дивисион 03/12 17:00 - Депортиво Сакачиспас v Депортиво Барберена D 0-0
Гватемала - Примера Дивисион 03/04 19:30 - ФК Хувентуд Пинултека v Депортиво Сакачиспас W 1-2
Гватемала - Примера Дивисион 02/26 21:00 - Депортиво Сакачиспас v Миктлан L 0-1
Гватемала - Примера Дивисион 02/22 21:00 - Чималтенанго v Депортиво Сакачиспас L 3-1
Гватемала - Примера Дивисион 02/19 21:00 - Депортиво Сакачиспас v Засапа Телиоз D 1-1
Гватемала - Примера Дивисион 02/11 17:00 - КСД Комуникасионес 2 v Депортиво Сакачиспас L 1-0
Гватемала - Примера Дивисион 02/04 19:00 - Депортиво Сакачиспас v Аурора W 3-2
Гватемала - Примера Дивисион 01/29 18:00 - Сан Бенито v Депортиво Сакачиспас - View
Гватемала - Примера Дивисион 01/21 21:00 - Депортиво Сакачиспас v Депортиво Санарате ФК W 2-1
Гватемала - Примера Дивисион 01/15 17:00 - Депортиво Барберена v Депортиво Сакачиспас D 0-0
Гватемала - Примера Дивисион 10/16 17:00 - Аурора v Депортиво Сакачиспас L 2-1


Matches played 32 15 17
Wins 8 6 2
Draws 12 5 7
Losses 12 4 8
Goals for 32 18 14
Goals against 37 15 22
Clean sheets 9 7 2
Failed to score 12 6 6

Wikipedia - Sacachispas

Club Social y Deportivo Sacachispas is a professional football club based in Chiquimula, Guatemala.

The team plays in the Primera División de Ascenso, the second-highest football division in Guatemala. Their home stadium is the Estadio Las Victorias.

The club has also played in the Liga Mayor, having reached their best position in the 1995–96 season, when they were runners-up. They have been playing in the second division since 2021.


Nicknamed Los Muteros, the club was founded as a result of two meetings. The first, in the south-west corner of Ismael Cerna´s Park, was attended by the distinguished citizens Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, Josué Goshop, Héctor Antonio Monroy, Jorge González and Manuel Samayoa, on June 15, 1949; and the second meeting was near Colegio Amigos, where the Estadio Las Victorias now stands. Neftalí Aguilar, Caleb Goshop, Neco Velásquez, Enrique Valdés, Gata Cuellar, Ronald Williams, Mincho Paz, Lipe Franco, Quincho Díaz, Chentío Castañeda, Edmundo Rivera, Pío Martínez and Armando Portillo, and the people in the first meeting, were all at the second meeting.
The first uniform was a white jersey with white shorts. Their first coach was the Governor of Chiquimula, Colonel Guadalupe López Ochoa who got new uniforms: a white jersey with blue stripes, and white shorts.

The name

Many of the footballers had their headquarters in the Roxi barbershop, owned by Carlos Enrique Morales Hernández aka Quique. One night in a players' meeting, one customer who came from El Salvador told them about an Argentine movie showing in that country, Pelota de Trapo (Ball Rag). The movie was about a group of kids who play with the name Sacachispas. He suggested that name for the Chiquimula football team. That led to the current name of the Club Social y Deportivo Sacachispas.