Wikipedia - French Basketball Cup

The French Basketball Cup, or French Basketball Federation Cup, (French: Coupe de France de Basket) is the annual national basketball federation cup competition of France. It is organized by the French Basketball Federation. It is also known as the Trophée Robert Busnel (Robert Busnel Trophy), named after the late basketball player Robert Busnel, who died in 1991.

A total of 54 amateur and professional teams from France, participate in the cup competition.


  • 1952–53 to 1968–69 French Cup (including professional clubs)*
  • 1981–82 to 1984–85 Federation Cup
  • 1992–93 to 1994–95 League Cup
  • 1995–96 to present French Cup (including professional clubs)
*From 1971 to 1995, the French Cup was not contested by professional clubs.